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duff n : a stiff flour pudding steamed or boiled usually containing e.g. currents and citron

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  • /dʌf/
    Rhymes: -ʌf

Etymology 1

Representing a northern pronunciation of dough.


  1. Dough.
  2. A stiff flour pudding, often with dried fruit, boiled in a cloth bag, or steamed
    1901: The storekeeper had sent them an unbroken case of canned plum pudding, and probably by this time he was wondering what had become of that blanky case of duff. — Henry Lawson, short story The Ghosts of Many Christmases, published in Children of the Bush

Etymology 2

Origin uncertain; probably imitative.


  1. In the context of "Scotland|US": Decaying vegetable matter on the forest floor.
  2. Coal dust.
  3. The bits left in the bottom of the bag after the booty has been consumed, like crumbs.
  4. Something spurious or fake; a counterfeit, a worthless thing.
  5. an 1800s baseball term meaning an error


en-adj er
  1. Worthless; not working properly, defective.
    Why do I always get a shopping trolley with duff wheels?
not working properly

Etymology 3

Origin uncertain; perhaps the same as Etymology 1, above.


  1. The buttocks.
the buttocks

Etymology 4

Originally thieves' slang; probably a back-formation from duffer.


  1. slang obsolete To disguise something to make it look new.
  2. To alter the branding of stolen cattle; to steal cattle.
  3. To beat (up).
    I heard Nick got duffed up behind the shopping centre at the weekend.
  4. To hit the ground behind the ball.
Related terms


  1. (insult) Dumb/Designated Ugly Fat Friend, an attractive woman's less attractive friend
  2. (science fiction fandom) Down Under Fan Fund, a fan fund to bring Australasian members of fandom to North America and vice versa, in alternating years.
  3. Double-Ugly Flying Fucker, a nickname given to the F-4 Phantom II fighter jet
  4. Davidson Ultimate Frisbee Folk, the name of the Davidson College ultimate team

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  • Double-Ugly Flying Fucker, a nickname for the F-4 Phantom II fighter jet
  • the Designated Ugly Fat Friend in a group of girls


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